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Chailai little Thai spinner creampie


Desperate for an afternoon nut, I decided to scope out Soi 6 in North Pattaya. As expected, the street was fully stocked with bareback princesses and their thirst for satang (Thai change). Depending on what end of the street you enter on, you don’t have to walk far to be lured into a bar by a gorgeous girl. I was lusting for something tall and skinny and sure enough a girl named Chailai swiftly jetted out to direct me her way. Chailai was leggy with a nice thin waist. I could sense she might be a condom-free whore so I was happy to oblige in her request to sit down for ‘one drink’. After a few minutes of the standard chit chat and bar girl questions, I asked if she wanted to make a sex video at my place for a few extra baht. It was bold, but she was beautiful and to my surprise, she agreed. Baan Creampie is my humble abode, and once inside, I asked Chailai to remove her sexy shorts, top, and panties. I then had her walk back and forth so I could ogle at just how skinny she was. As many of you know, I love fucking slim girls. Inside the members, you’ll view screen caps 45, 52, and 59, where I fucked her scrawny frame in my favorite positions. You can’t do that with every girl, but Chailai took my cock pounding like a champ. When I was ready to blow, I took Chailai to the bedroom and dumped my gooey gunk directly inside her little Asian cunt.

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Slutty little Yang from Pattaya

Do you ever fantasize seeing a real Asian slut milk the cum from your cock? Meet 22 year old Yang from Pattaya. Yang is a very sexually experienced Thai girl who really knows exactly what to do to make a man happy. She immediately goes for my cock and starts her talented sucking before turning around and force feeding my cock into her pussy doggie style. Then she turns around and starts sucking my cock again, licking her juices from my dick. Now I gotta lay down for this and sure enough my Asian cock sucker follows me to the bed and devours me again. And just when I couldn’t take anymore, she climbs up on me reverse cowboy and bounce her perfect ass up n down until I lose my entire load deep inside her pussy as she keeps riding.

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Nok the Thai wet dream

Asian Cameltoe…is there anything prettier? Check out 19 year old Nok. This girl is a Thai wet dream. PERFECT little body, nice tits, tiny ass and hairless pussy. I am 100% sure that her name is short for “nookie.” Her pussy is so airtight that it “farts” as cock is thrusted in and out. Nok comes to us from Udon Thani, which is actually the same town where Thainee from comes from! This town is notorious for bringing up cum hungry Thai girls who want nothing but cock. After having Nok show off her amazing cameltoe, it was time to have this cum thirsty Thai Teen get down on her knees and suck some cock. After the BJ, I pound this twat into submission and fill Nok’s little girl pussy full of my seed and she shows the entire world with pride.

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Icey bareback creampie fashion model

Today at Central Festival shopping mall, there was a fashion show with loads of Thai women scattered around the stage. In between the catwalk model sets, they had local coyote dancers come up and entertain the audience. I’ve always wanted to land one of these girls, but could never muster up the courage. Well, today I grew a pair and approached one of the dancers named Icey. I could tell that she wasn’t used to speaking with foreigners so I figured I might have a chance with this hot babe. Through broken Thai and limited English I learned that she had never been with a foreigner which assured me that I was going to get some pussy! I took Icey back to my pad, pulled out my camera, and watched as this beautiful body gave me a sexy dance. Icey untied her top and showed off her nice perky tits. She then unfastened her jean shorts and eased them down her silky legs. Finally she inched her tiny white thong undies revealing her shaved pink pussy. At that point my cock was fully erect and planted right into her wet mouth. Her blowjob was by far the best one I’ve ever had. I wanted to shoot the load in her mouth so badly, but I didn’t want to cum until I felt her warm pussy. At this point, a girl normally would ask for a condom, but Icey said nothing and soon enough I was unloading my sperm deep into Icey’s little cunt.

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Feast your eyes on A

Feast your eyes on “A”. Yes that’s really her name and is easily the shortest name you’ll ever see at Creampie Thais. 21 year old “A” has a perfect petite body and a tiny hairless pussy. “A” could stand for “A”sian fuck machine. I think she is called “A” because of her perfect little “A”nus. Watch as her tiny star shaped asshole pulsates as cum leaks out of her used pussy and onto the bed. If you like petite brown fucking machines, then “A” definitely fits that bill. A student by day, and cock servicing whore by night, “A” knows what it takes to please a man. This freelancer from Bangkok showcases her shaved Thai pussy for the entire world to see, and trust me after seeing this girl in action, you’ll want to book the first flight to Bangkok to sample some of that sweet Asian vag!

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Thai titty hunt!

Hunting Thai titties in Thai cities is the main objective! And if they’re huge DIRTY PILLOWS, then I’m knocking over old ladies to get to them. Don’t get in my way! I love me some FLOPPY FUN BAGS! If I can’t find a nice pair to play with, I resort to a daily tug of war with Cyclops to satisfy my urges. But, if I’m lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of giant KNOCKERS, I’m grabbing my camera and filming the experience because my members deserve to enjoy it with me! Phoebi is 20 years old and is the horniest of horny girls. The minute you slide your cock into her silky pussy, she immediately responds with gasps and moans; she can’t wait for you to really pump it into her hard and fast. As you thrust your cock faster and deeper into Phoebi’s wet cunt, her arms wrap around you, holding you, and pulling you in as if her natural instincts kick in and say “give me your baby!” Well, that exactly what I did. After thoroughly enjoying her giant titties and fucking this wild nympho in multiple positions, I finally blasted my white seed deep into her receptive pussy.

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Nim 18 year old creampie first timer

This is 18 year old NIM and one amazing sauna experience. Here’s how it went down: Nim sits across from me in ONLY a wet towel rubbing cream all over her body. Towel keeps slipping off and I’m getting views of tits, nipples, and bald beaver shots. She smiles and leaves. 10 minutes later, I’m outside, she goes back inside and motions me to follow. I sit next to her and start rubbing her hairless cunt pinching her nipples, rubbing her wet skin. It’s hot…steamy hot…and not because we’re in a sauna….! She then asks if I want a massage. I ask if she wants a creampie. We go downstairs to a room, and I creampie her tender teen vag on film! The End!

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Fa the little babe with braces gets a creampie

What is better than an Asian teen with braces and a tight little bald pussy? ::: pause ::: **crickets** ::: pause ::: Well I can’t think of anything either. So you’re in luck to see this week’s teen squeeze. Her name is Fa, as in “Boy that Thailand is sure Fa away” So, let’s talk serious now. Fa’s teen pussy is about the size of my thumb. Now I don’t normally struggle to bury my boner in most of the snatches that across my path, but this girl….oh man. It was like a Chinese finger puzzle. Once I got it in, I couldn’t pull it out! The only thing I could do was shoot my cum inside her bald beaver just to lube it up and slide out just in time for a beautiful creampie. If you’ve got a teen fetish and/or braces fetish then you’re going to love Teen cutie Fa!

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Ivy natural cock slut

I was horny as fuck one afternoon so I strolled down to Soi 6 to pick up a Thai fuck doll. After a minute of searching I came upon 20 year old Ivy who was strutting her stuff in front of her bar. I asked if she wanted to go short time at my place and she said ‘Yes’. After our shower, Ivy didn’t waste anytime. She climbed on the bed and started sucking me hard. I turned her around and sank my cock right into her dripping snatch doggie style. I then flipped her over and continued drilling her bald pussy missionary before finally pulling out and dousing her entire smooth snatch with pure white cum. I then funneled my entire load down to her vaginal opening and scooped it all back inside for a full creampie. Finally I stuck my sticky sperm fingers into Ivy’s mouth so she could taste my potent cum. Soi Six never fails!

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Anna the thoroughbred

Anna, or as I call her ‘The Thoroughbred’ is a superstar teen dancer at Heaven Above aGoGo in Pattaya. Every time I go in there I go to see Anna. She does this ass-shake-thing with her bubble booty that is straight out of a rap video. I knew I had to breed with this perfect Thai specimen, so I paid the bar fine, and walked my young mare back to my barn for mating. Anna knows her way around the stable, shoving my cock deep into her mouth. She then saddles my cock and bucks like a wild stallion. I turned Anna over and sank my purebred into Anna’s dripping cunt and shot my entire load deep into the her pussy turning my filly into a dam. My little pony should be arriving in 11 months.

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Sitlanee perfect body Asian teen filled with cum

If you have been to Thailand, you know the feeling. You’re walking down the street, trying to avoid the food carts and flower vendors when suddenly you stop in your tracks as your see a half naked teen body poking herself out of a GoGo bar. The doormen immediately see the drool dangling from your open mouth and swarm around you hoping to lure you in the bar so they can receive their 20 baht commission. As the Thai guys pushed me to the entrance, my eyes were locked on 19 year old Sitlanee, the GoGo’s newest teen showgirl. She smiled at me, took my hand, and led me to the darkest corner of the bar. The Mama-San handed me a card that said “Bar Fine 600bt - Boom Boom 1500bt”. I immediately handed over my money and within a few minutes we were out the door. Sitlanee was super cute and when she finally got undressed in the room, I knew I hit the jackpot. White skin, big tits, and a pussy so precious that I actually ate it. Yup, first time on Creampie Thais I dive into some pussy and licked it clean. I then sank my cock into her dripping snatch and fucked her in several positions before finally shooting my wad deep into her cunt doggie style.

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Lung takes a big load in her pussy

Look who’s back for another Creampie! It’s been two years since I had the pleasure of dumping my cum inside Lung’s Thai pussy. Well, with a stroke of luck my little Soi short time girl is back for another filling. With age comes a world of sexual experience, and this is something that Lung has plenty of. Lung has been around enough cock in her life to know all the sweet spots. This time she knows exactly what to do, dropping to her knees and sucking my cock for a few minutes using the perfect combination of mouth and hands. After nearly blowing it in her mouth, I pull out and prime her pussy for a pounding. It’s to the bed where I fuck her sweet pussy before finally ejaculating my semen into her Thai pussy. Can you say round 3 for horny whore lung??

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Cute Katie Thai teen

Sexy Thai newcummer Katie. It’s really late one night and I’m gleefully skipping down skippy street when I come across this really cute looking Asian girl. Her name was Katie and she had the slimmest body with the longest legs I’d seen all night. And to her luck I was just in the mood for some lengthy limbs to wrap around my ass as I fuck a babe. So with a flick of my finger the deal was done and we headed over to a short time apartment where I got to fuck and fill this sweet young snatch with my huge load. If you’ve got a thing for the girl next door look, you’ll love Katie. How’s that Ludacris song go: “a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed”…this is the perfect description for one of Thailand’s cutest amateur girls!

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3 holes are better than 1

Check out 20 yr old Jun with her beautiful dark-skinned body and BIG, dark-nippled titties. Sometimes I amaze even myself. How I can get an Asian girl this hot to fuck on film is beyond my comprehension, but I never question it! Can you say Nom Yi? This girl is a fantasy cum true and I’ll tell you why. Halfway through my fuck session with this amazing fuck doll, she looks up from sucking my cock and says “Wanna Fuck Me In My Ass?” I was like, hell yes I do! Turns out, this is the longest video I have ever filmed with any model because it wasn’t planned, but I wasn’t going to let this Thai goddess slip away until I fucked all three of her holes before finally blasting the biggest load ever deep inside her pussy.

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Smiling big titty Thai girl

Jutatip is a really cool chick who lives in Pattaya. She has a great smile and loves to give me short time when I need it. Oh and I need short time A LOT! Ive been titty fucking those massive behemoths of breasts for a while now and I finally got her to show them off for the camera. All natural, Jutatip has the kind of fun pillows that could cure insomnia. After calling up Jutatip for a quick blow, I soon found myself wanting to titty fuck her funbags. And soon after that, I got the urge to penetrate her bald Asian pussy with my cock. Impulsive is what I am lol. But hey, its nice having a girl that has never said the word no in her life. So I pump Jutatip’s warm and fertile Asian pussy full of my seed.

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Muk loves to fuck

Look who’s back! Muk the big titty Thai amateur from Bangkok is back in this never before released bonus scene. Muk has been the overwhelming fan favorite on Creampie Thais, garnering more attention than even Janine! Now you can enjoy the nicest tits in Thailand for a second time. Seriously, are there a nicer set of tits in all of Asia? If there are, I would like to see! Not only is Muk a stunner, but she has that girl next door quality too. You almost just want to stare beautiful frame in the nude instead of fucking. Wait did I just say that?? lol. This is Creampie Thais and Muk did receive her second Creampie courtesy of yours truly. If you’ve yet to see Muk, you owe it to yourself to see not only the finest set of tits in Thailand, but one of the hottest women in Thailand. Period.

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Porn loves porn

A Thai girl named Porn…’nuff said. 21 year old girl named Porn. No you’re not seeing things, her name really is PORN. How awesome is that?? I imagine the next girl I creampie will be named Cunt or Twat. Whatever their names are, as long as they have the same desire for cock, then it’s all good! So how did I meet this gorgeous Thai teen? Well Porn works reception at one of the nicer resorts in Pattaya. As I checked in for the night, I see this porcelain face starring submissively up at me. “Will there be anything else you require?” she asks. I smile and ask her to come up in about 20 minutes to bury my cock deep inside her soft bald purple pussy. I leave my calling card in her fertile womb and send her back to work.

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Big titty Thai Arabian babe!

18 year old half Arab / half Thai superstar Sara is why international breeding should be encouraged. This stunning sex nympho was designed specifically for SEX. She’s good at it too, wait…no she’s practically the best. We’re talking cream of the crop. Perfect huge naturally titties. Perfect round bubble butt. And sexual skills that will boggle your mind…..

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Sitlanee good enough to eat

…..As the Thai guys pushed me to the entrance, my eyes were locked on 19 year old Sitlanee, the GoGo’s newest teen showgirl. She smiled at me, took my hand, and led me to the darkest corner of the bar. The Mama-San handed me a card that said “Bar Fine 600bt - Boom Boom 1500bt”. I immediately handed over my money and within a few minutes we were out the door. Sitlanee was super cute and when she finally got undressed in the room, I knew I hit the jackpot. White skin, big tits, and a pussy so precious that I actually ate it. Yup, first time on Creampie Thais I dive into some pussy and licked it clean. I then sank my cock into her dripping snatch and fucked her in several positions before finally shooting my wad deep into her cunt doggie style.

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Who likes puffy nipples? I do!

Holy puffy nipples Batman! Yaya, a 19 year old University student from Bangkok. If you’re a fan of big puffy nipples, then you’re going to love this episode! This Hiso honey was *very* shy to start, but warmed up rather quickly. After fondling those massive Asian tits, it was time to let Yaya work her magic on my Yoyo. Thai Teen Yaya gives a great blowjob and you can really tell that this lil’ Asian nympho LOVES the cock! She gets the cock stuffed every which way including missionary, while laying on her side, and doggystyle. After plugging Yaya’s pussy full of cock, it was time to end today’s creampies 101 lesson with a pussy full of cum! Now that’s what I call hands on learning!

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